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    P3R Lab AB is a Swedish product and consultancy company specialized in advanced algorithm and software development with emphasis on embedded real-time sensor processing. The company's experience spans from small-scale studies to complex military and civilian projects.

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    What you get

    In P3R Lab you will have a creative, analytical and pragmatic partner. The company's main goals are to provide:

    • Reliable, high-performance products for specific needs
    • Professional algorithm and software development services

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  • Partners

    Axis Communications is a market leader in network video. P3R Lab is an Axis Application Development partner (ADP).

    Milestone Systems is a world-leading provider of video management software. P3R Lab is a Milestone Solution Partner (MSP).

    Almi Företagspartner is the Swedish government's organization for innovation and business development support. P3R Lab is supported by Almi.

    Almi Mentor is a mentorship program where P3R Lab participates as an apprentice.

  • Services

    From idea to product

    P3R Lab offers high-level function and algorithm development as well as detailed implementation, testing and demonstrations, often within the same project.

    A majority of the projects have been related to embedded real-time sensor systems in general, and image/video processing in particular.

    P3R Lab likes finding robust and genuine solutions to challenging technical problems!

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    Main skills

    • Prototyping and proofs-of-concept
    • Algorithm development
    • Embedded and server software development
    • Real-time video processing
    • Video smoke and flame detection

    Example projects and products
    Mono and stereo computer vision systems in both visual and infrared bands, networked multi-sensor system, tracking radar, surveillance radar, multi-LiDAR perception system, video-based traffic monitoring system, vehicle telematics, simulators and demonstrators.

  • SAF3

    Video smoke and flame detection
    P3R Lab develops the video processing application SAF3®. The application detects smoke and flames in video streams in real-time. If smoke or flames are found it sends signals to external systems for further processing.

    SAF3 can be used in many environments and since it runs on-board surveillance cameras and encoders there is no need for extra hardware.

    Visit the product site saf3.eu to know more!

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